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Discussing tabletop and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to


Gaming podcast running since early 2009. Covering all table top games, gaming conventions in Ireland and some tangential stuff too. Dropping weekly on Wednesday mornings.

If you have feedback, are running an event or have a gaming project we might be interested in. Hit us up by email or social media. 



Host: Liam

Location: Dublin

Main Interests: RPGs, Boardgames

Currenly playing: Deadlands, Pathfinder Society


Bio: A host since the early days of the podcast. Got into gaming with the DCU Games Society (then STOCS) and has been hooked ever since.


Host: Cathal

Location: Dublin

Main Interests: RPGs

Bio: A lover of Baldurs Gate and the 3rd edition D&D handbook, Cathal only actually picked up a set of dice and began playing RPGs (with people not machines) in the last few years, he still kicks himself for not starting sooner.