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Discussing tabletop and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to

Nov 6, 2019

Episode 565

This week's hosts: Séan, Mary & Shane. Special Guest: Gavin Walsh

This week the party weighs up the pros and cons of balance and asymmetry in boardgames. Does balancing a game necessarily make it fun? Can you have a fun game if you know you are not playing on a level field? When does it become a game of two or more halves? If you are tempted to walk the tightrope of asymmetry while all about you are chucking dice then listen in!

Show Notes:

05:15 - Maps. The flattest way to store your scenery.

05:30 - We sent Liam to a Diplomacy event.

08:00 - Asymmetry and an appeal for a very special type of listener to help Mary out.

10:30 - We're talking tier ranking of factions here. See every Blood Bowl league discussion.

11:15 - Thanks time-travelling psychic listener! Dominant Species.

12:00 - You want to get to victory? I wouldn't start from here.

13:40 - Cats. Playing life on Easy Mode.

14:00 - Flamme Rouge. The parties favourite continental cycling race game. 

15:10 - I think that describes most 4X games.

17:00 - Crusader Kings 2 - So far the closest our poor cousins the PC gamers have come to making a decent boardgame.

18:30 - Tigris & Euphrates. Just ask your grandfather...

19:30 - Most of these empire-building games have these peaceful routes to victory. Make sure to hound those players to oblivion.

20:30 - Round 3 of 'Guess the Game'. Possible answers on the back of a billboard.

23:00 - Root. The current asymmetrical hotness. And there are expansions! I'm sure that really helps the balance...

24:10 - A good old-fashioned 'fall behind and can't catch up' flaw. Thought we'd rooted all of those out. Thanks Kickstarter!

26:30 - Believe you will succeed or fail, correct you are.

27:45 - Xia: Legends of a Drift System. We reviewed it too! Suck it Shut Up & Sit Down!!!

28:15 - Azul. Listen to our review here.

28:50 - A moment of pure chocolate box philosophy.

29:45 - A Hot Take appears! Thanks Gavin!

30:15 - Settlers of Catan expansions list. Figure it out.

30:45 - ET landfill.

31:00 - A moment to reflect on what we have learned about ourselves.


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