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Sep 29, 2009

Cha: Shane sits down live at ConFESS (in fact, all our episodes are recorded live) with Jude, Wayne, Dwane, Dave and Joe, the boys of the Flat Earth Society to talk about the lifespan of the convention that's burning out rather than fading away, from inception to grand finale. Features:

  • Power struggles
  • The craic
  • The origin of Flat Earth
  • Grassroots Magic
  • Solidarity through t-shirts
  • The classic double-take
  • Just another transvestite on The Wall
  • Sligo infiltration
  • The epic pub quiz
  • Multiple Gamer Olympic gold medallist
  • Gamers who both know AND like each other
  • Peer pressure to marry
  • The high-Dex convention
  • Epidemic friendliness
  • Ultimate relaxation
  • The Emergency Wargame Coordinator
  • Half-assed pirates
  • A town of former mental hospitals
  • The touch of DEATH
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