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Mar 27, 2019

Episode 533
This week's hosts: Seán, Liam, Shane, and Mick
This week, take a look at Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle, and later discuss dice buying habits. Really.


00:39 - Try new things, they said.
00:50 - You thought this long running analogy couldn't get any more naff, but you were wrong.
01:07 - Seán here for Liam's job.
01:16 - Harry Potter - Hogwarts Battle -
01:43 - Seven Decks for SEVEN YEARS AT HOGWARTS!
04:09 - Dominion -
05:12 - Gets a bit windy here, apologies.
05:42 - Sentinels of the Multiverse -
08:40 - Maybe not hard enough for Liam.
14:02 - Wallets in the rulebook to store the additional rule cards that the new boxes bring.
15:34 - Verdict.
16:06 - By which I mean toystores with mass market board game sections, like Toymaster.
18:13 - Intermission - Where hopefully it'll be less windy.
18:30 - Bringing the party back to the kitchen.
19:05 - No really. Dice.
19:30 - One Method Seán uses to make sure none get lost, find a favourite colour and buy all you need in that colour!
20:10 - Chessex -
20:50 - Paracord! For holding your chainmail dice bags together.
21:36 - Some of Liam's habits. Just get a big pile of whatever kind of dice you need as and when you need them. Or top up your bag when it gets low.
23:04 - Sometimes you need colour coded dice to distinguish things. Sometimes different colours are nice, also.
24:28 - Or so Seán has heard.
24:57 - So called "Science Dice" -
27:25 - Buying dice bulk.
32:28 - If you can source a set of dice like I've described, please link me.
33:08 - Curated Dice Palettes Example - - Side note, nice D&D resources here.
38:45 - Kraken Dice -