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May 7, 2014

Oh my, look at the time! It's quarter past Con review – and this week we give the critical eye to Vaticon in UCD. There's a not-inconsiderable amount of LRP in there as well, as the second official Academy of Eblana event also ran at Vaticon. We also get side-tracked a lot and just end up chatting about RPGs, peasant rail-guns and L5R. Look, there's a Vaticon review in there SOMEWHERE.


  • 0.35: It didn't start how I'm used to! I got confused!
  • 3.36: BOYCOTT THE CRUSH! BOYCOTT THE CRUSH! I'm going to leverage a socially mobile viral campaign using best market practices!
  • 5.08: We were powerful giddy while recording these episodes. Something in the air. Summer, maybe? Or just leggy blondes?
  • 5.56: If you don't know who Rex Ready is... well, you're welcome
  • 6.44: We just decided to drop another host in and keep going as if nothing had changed. SEAMLESS. 
  • 7.09: Oh, and now we're talking about Eblana. We'll get back to Vaticon in a minute.
  • 11.08: Gah! My oobris!
  • 11.30: Inspector Dave to the rescue.
  • 11.51: Man, it's a good thing I travel randomly through time.
  • 14.22: Keep doing your job, Eoin: Salute of the Jugger.
  • 15.52: Quote of the episode: “Let me assure you, when you are in Elf ears, and you are wandering around asking people 'where is the secret lake'?...”
  • 17.39: Oh man. Get ready for it. What I thought was a pretty good joke falls on its face so hard it needs to get teeth repaired.
  • 18.11: Oh God, here it is.
  • 22.42: So when I said a minute, I meant about 15 minutes.
  • 24.39: I don't know, Liam. I think you should crush their youthful exuberance with pedantic rules-lawyering until they no longer feel any joy, and every remaining day of their life becomes a grey, emotionless haze.
  • 26.08: The game in question is Thornwatch, and there's a good look at it on the Escapist
  • 31.28: Subtle
  • 32.56: The peasant railgun is one of my favourite things. No self-respecting GM would ever allow such a monstrosity, of course, but it's a wonderful excercise in pushing the strict interpretation of RPG rules.
  • 47.00: At some point we'll just have to give in and hand control of all Irish gaming over to Dungeons and Donuts.

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