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Discussing tabletop and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to

Mar 21, 2018

This week's hosts: Ian, Cathal, Oisín
This week, the party Reminisce about their experiences at Itzacon Games convention in NUI Galway.


00:40 – Cathal shows his terrible sense of humour

01:05 – NUIG Fansci

01:25 – A full 2 minutes all about doughnuts

03:50 – All the way across the country has variable distance depending on when you’re trying to leave.

04:50 – Ian maligns guards.

05:25 – Board gaming is still gaming

06:05 – Let’s Take a Hike

07:55 – The fall of western society

08:30 – City of no flag

09:55 – The benefit of ignorance

13:55 – Coldest inhabited place on the planet

14:35 – An economy fueled by cold.

16:20 – Maths… the RPG

17:40 – Five sixths of a potato is not enough potato

18:10 – Watch Ireland Win the Six Nations… The Larp

18:55 – Oisín’s Larp skills… Drinking beer.

19:55 – Bears versus Babies

20:55 - Oisín seems to think that different bits of monsters have different voices

21:55 - Nom nom babies

23:30 - Your monster always dies... but sometimes you get to eat a baby...

25:00 - Ian shows his incredibly bad judgement

25:30 - The Magicians (So Dark)

26:00 - Ian really should know about the tv show if he's going to write about it

27:30 - Railroading the party... in a subway car

29:05 - W.A.E.P (Weird Ass Explosion Phenomena)

31:15 - Find a restaurant table for five... The Larp.

31:55 - Cathal Doesn't Fall for it

31:55 - Discworld Ankh-Morpork

32:10 - Quote of the episode "It's like monopoly, but then you mug and assassinate each other" ... "... so...

33:20 - Ian's Girlfriend would like for it to be noted that she won the game of Discworld Ankh-Morpork

34:15 - The Cthulu Pandemic Thing

34:25 - The Peoples front of Judea (Not the liberation front of Judea)

36:30 - The coming of the great old ones as a metaphor for the current geopolitical climate

39:06 - Oisín wins a game by being the least effective monster

40:26 - I screw myself over by saying the editor will do loads of work

40:35 - Super secret extra Easter egg