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Discussing tabletop and related gaming and the Irish gaming scene so you don't have to

Oct 12, 2016

This week's hosts: Brian, Cathal and Sean

This week the party discuss Science Fiction in roleplaying, what is it, where is it and why don't we see more of it?

Show notes:

  • 01:16 D&D in space
  • 02:02 Then you're probably listening to the wrong podcast....
  • 02:25 Traveller
  • 03:01 All misfits, all the time
  • 03:30 Hard Sci-Fi, what is it, how do you know if you have it? Consider the Mohs scale maybe?
  • 04:46  Diaspora
  • 06:03 FTL (the travel) and FTL (the game).     
  • 06:48 Firefly
  • 07:29 Aliens, because good Sci-Fi is awesome
  • 08:04 Quote of the Episode "Suddenly, you know, you don't like it quite so hard"
  • 08:15 Bodacious Space Pirates
  • 09:53 Battletech, yes I want to play because I watched the cartoon series, so what.
  • 09:30 Heavy Gear
  • 09:59 It is not the first question I asked, my pants are now on fire. What I asked was what of scifi do you want to play (01:25), but I had intended that to mean what type, for instance space exploration etc.
  • 11:07 Dystopian future vs SciFi
  • 11:18 Cyberpunk & Shadowrun vs SciFi     
  • 11:50 Doom vs SciFi....  I seem to like to stir stuff up...
  • 12:00 Dost the setting maketh the SciFi?
  • 13:19 Transhuman Space
  • 15:52 Surrogates
  • 16:35 Cowboy Bebop
  • 16:45 Holodecks and Hard Light
  • 16:52 Stargate
  • 17:00 Stargate RPG, Sean is in fact correct, apparently a D20 system
  • 17:49 Ha! I was accidently correct, "Serenity" was the first iteration of Cortex, while "Firefly" used Cortex Plus.
  • 18:07 Sean trying to blame an entire Genre for our poor topic selection process!
  • 18:31 Space Marines or THE Space Marine
  • 19:00 Dune and the defensive shield
  • 19:11 Rifts
  • 22:09 Cell Signal? Is my secret out? Am I actually American?
  • 22:36 Star Wars
  • 26:51 Gundam
  • 27:33 Hindsight is a killer