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Feb 26, 2014

This week, the Adventuring Party discusses two upcoming Irish conventions: GAS Con and Leprecon


  • 0.43: I'm already willing to award Best Worst Joke of the Episode to Eoin for that one
  • 2.37: Damn, I jumped the gun on that award
  • 4.33: There's a big difference between an old, old city and an old, old, old, old city.
  • 4.39: The competition is getting pretty... stiff!
  • 5.14: This is what I'm referencing there. I got the bit about a ray wrong, though, it was toxic run off.
  • 5.46: And now Cillian's in the fray! Looks like you might not be holding on to that award until the end of the episode, Eoin.
  • 6.17: Iron Kingdoms
  • 6.55: A great number of games and books would disagree on this point
  • 7.30: Seriously, what's the point of reading blurbs if you can't do it with a silly accent?
  • 8.00: World of Darkness
  • 9.28: ...y?
  • 9.55: Seriously folks, he can keep this up all night
  • 10.23: COMICS ARE WEIRD on loan from Movie Bob 
  • 10.54: “Loveman was working on something big”. Amazing
  • 11.09: Aaaaaand it's official. The award moves from Eoin to Liam.
  • 13.07: Holy crap! Something Eoin doesn't know!
  • 13.24: Ian Hanmore of Dr. Who and Game of Thrones
  • 21.11: Deathwatch
  • 22.58: Megas XLR's intro tells you everything you need to know about the show. You'll know whether or not you like it from just that.
  • 26.17: Gamecraft Unplugged
  • 26.36: I meant opened late and closed EARLY

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