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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 27, 2011

Exp:  Having delved sufficiently into delicious purchases made during con season, Shane, humbug, Cillian and Liam review two board games that both, like, have boards.  And maps and multiple players and counters.  Features:

Apr 20, 2011

Downtime:  GM screens are available for the majority of role-playing games, but do we like 'em, do we use 'em, and could we do better ourselves?  Shane, humbug, Cillian and Liam have a natter about what makes for a good or bad screen experience.  Features:

Apr 13, 2011

Wis:  Excited about this week's release of the new edition of Force on Force, incorporating the revised Ambush Alley rules, Shane, humbug, Cillian and Liam present a rough guide to how to put together the required miniature people and places to play the game.  Actual potentially useful content, from The Adventuring...

Apr 6, 2011

Con:  With a technical hitch preventing release of a non-convention-related episode, Shane, humbug and Liam wrap up the hectic month of March's convention calendar with a somewhat exhausted report from Vaticon.  We'd like to take a moment to commend the Irish gaming community for a convention season that's been...