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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 24, 2023

Xmas Games by An evil StableDiffusion and a wicked Savagemick

Episode 778

This week's hosts - Dave, Warlord Scarr, Hida-OWin & SavageMick 

Editor - SavageMick

Wow - another year done! We hope you have had a good one folks. 

Settle in for an extra special (and long) Bumper Xmas Stocking episode. We take a look back over 2023, share some of our thoughts on what the year brought...

Dec 17, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 777

This week's hosts: Shane, Mick and Eoin

Editor – Shane

This week, The Party look at Luck in our games: Good, Bad, lucky streaks and cursed runs. Is Luck a Skill Issue or a source of relief?


Want to actually shout at us? Go to SpeakPipe and tell us how you...

Dec 10, 2023

Episode 776

This week's hosts - Hida-OWin & SavageMick 

Editor - SavageMick

You can't kill an idea.
You can't keep a good game down.
You can't stop the players.

Go ahead - withdraw your IP license, pull the product from the shelves, burn down the warehouse. It doesn't matter.
We will have what we want, no matter...

Dec 4, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 775

This week's hosts: Shane, Mick and Eoin

Editor – Shane

This week, The Party take another shot at the What Ifs of gaming.

01:47 – What if Malal had remained a core Chaos God in Warhammer?

13:50 – What if West End Games had made a Star Trek RPG instead of their famous Star...

Nov 26, 2023

Episode 774

This week's hosts - Hida-OWin, Warlord Scarr & SavageMick 

Editor - SavageMick

Is that mountain getting bigger or are we just getting closer to it? When is big too big and when is much too much? Has Kickstarter and crowd-funding formed an unholy union with IKEA to lock us into a future where shelves must...