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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 29, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 602

This week's hosts: Eoin, Savage, and Shane. Special Guests: Conrad Kinch and Colin

This week, it’s Class Warfare, as the Party engage in another round of Wed, Bed Or Behead.

Show notes:

00:29: Featuring 2 special guests


02:37: Eoin weds a Jedi, which has never gone badly for anyone

03:35: Eoin beds the Gish. Is that a Silver Sword enchanted with Channeled Pyroburst or are you just happy to see him?

06:08: Eoin beheads the 3.5 Fighter. Ah, hasn’t the poor fella suffered enough?

08:10: Pounce = the ability to use all your attacks after charging, locked behind a variant barbarian feature in a Forgotten Realms supplement. Now noone cares how fighters combo moves and attacks, and this situation is probably the reason why.

08:55: Tordek the Dwarf and Redgar the Kenny:

09:50: Can a Barbarian King truly love a Kung-fu Master? Mighty Scarr will certainly try!

11:40: Shane admits an on-off affair with the Summoner: Why not go out with someone who can bring friends?

13:10: Shane beheads The Face: If he can’t be the centre of attention, then this relationship is going nowhere.

16:00: I refuse to google this story in case Savage is right.

16:20: ‘Savage’ Mick weds the Ranger and the jokes write themselves.


17:10: Hank?

18:33: Mick, bedding a Paladin? Unchaste, unchaste I say!

20:03: As discussed here:

20:15: Mick beheads the Artificer. No techno-witchcraft in his Fantasyland!

21:35: How could you betray him, Mick?!?

23:30: Conrad weds....Redgar?

24:50: If you’d like to argue that Lancelot was actually a Paladin/Barbarian multiclass, please scream your opinions into the void of the internet via our social media links below.

26:05: The Paladin has been two-timing you, Mick!



28:25: Conrad beheads the Tortured Loner, commuting the Wizard’s sentence.

31:50: Colin weds the Cleric upon a desert island.

34:10: The Arcane Trickster woos Colin before casting Obscuring Mist and dissappearing.

35:50: The whole reasons thieves could use magic in D&D:

36:33: Colin deletes the Decker.

37:45: Before Android: Netrunner, Wizards of the Coast had their claws on the original cyber-hacking CCG:

40:10: We’re allowed to swear there!

42:28: Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh -


Quote of the Episode:


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