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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 30, 2014

This week the Adventuring Party reviews Itzacon, raves about Dungeons and Donuts, goes off topic with breathless enthusiasm, and forays into stunningly awkward middle-class white Irish rap.


  • 0.38: Oh God, I wish this wasn't about to happen
  • 0.50: The Internet seems to disagree with me about Bulworth being bad - perhaps I should revisit it
  • 1.11: The original Gin and Juice, and the version Liam is talking about.
  • 2.22: We're a little giddy this episode. And next episode. And the episode after.
  • 2.56: #BoycottTheCrush let's make it happen. 
  • 3.48: We spiral off into movie review territory here. Ebert we ain't.
  • 4.59: There's actually a picture of me eating said confection and enjoying said coffee here.
  • 6.35: This actually sounds like a horrible bloody mess, but it worked!
  • 7.12: As promised, a link to the website for all you wannabe Evil Supergeniuses out there who wish to blow up the Earth.
  • 8.01: Quote of the Episode - “That's cheating! Because anti-neutronium doesn't exist!”
  • 9.09: Pince-nez
  • 10.00: Congratulations Cian, in a 30 minute podcast about an entire convention you spent 5 minutes talking about your own game. Wait a minute, I'm Cian!
  • 14.51: If you are Eastern European I am so sorry for my dreadful accent
  • 16.51: Man, Dungeons and Donuts really have captured the hearts and minds of the gaming community. Who'd have known that gaming-related pastries would appeal to us?
  • 19.42: I should have listened to the rest of the story before going “poor Stuart”
  • 22.05: Milena, I hope I pronounced your name right. Also, that apology for the accent at 14.51 is basically to you.
  • 22.32: See? Dungeons and Donuts, man. It's crack with icing.
  • 23.01: That's a joke about the Dominion card “Village”. It looks better written down.
  • 25.29: We did do a review of Pandemic

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