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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 13, 2017

This week's hosts: Liam, Mary and Sean

This week the party reviews the jungle exploration tile placement treasure hunting colonial boardgame; Karuba!
You know what, thats a lot of descriptors, maybe just listen to the episode aye?

Show Notes:

  • 00:32 Karuba - A tile placement jungle exploration game.
  • 01:05 And we are already taking this game into the darkness of historical reality, way to keep it light guys!
  • 02:22 I did NOT get that it was latitude and longitude when I played, I really need to brush up on my survival stat.
  • 03:40 I've met them, they're not.
  • 04:55 Sean may have broken the game
  • 05:25 Nope, don't worry the game remains unbroken despite Seans best efforts
  • 06:53 1 tile in and Seans OCD has taken a blow
  • 07:26 Quote of the Episode: "This does seem like Jungle Bingo"
  • 12:48 No, we have no idea what that sound was either....
  • 13:27 Mary sings a cover for the number 6
  • 13:35 Varying opinions on the number 19
  • 13:39 Hey at least they know right?
  • 13:45 Mary sings yet another cover, this time for Gold.
  • 16:50 Culchie - Somebody from the countryside (derogatory if used by somebody from Dublin)
  • 17:00 Townie - Somebody from the countryside who lives in a town (derogatory if used by somebody from outside a town)
  • 17:07 And Mary is incorrect, we Dubliners do not think we are liked by Culchies, we simply do not care what the culchies think.
  • 18:02 Mary is now literally just singing the numbers
  • 20:19 The funding behind Marys expedition is finally revealed.
  • 29:43 Seans verdict: Really good but no Codenames
  • 30:05 I'm not sure you can say it requires little thought to play when you back yourself into a corner and lose the game.... ;p
  • 31:32 Expect prices to be in and around 25 Sterling / 35 Euro / 40 Dollars, your mileage may vary.
  • 31:34 I think Sean overshoots, but again prices may vary.
  • 32:12 The Score