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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 15, 2017

This Weeks Hosts: Liam, Brian, Sean and Eoin

This week the party discuss the upcoming Leprecon Games convention.


00:58 Why is Leprecon not in Leprecon?

01:30 Eoin reminisces about how things were... back in his day

02:00 Liam can get you a venue in exchange for bananas

03:00 Leprecon... Allegedly the oldest Con in the country

03:35 Friday Night exists

03:50 Pathfinder Society also exists

04:18 Crimson Sky, the mystery of the missing swan

04:57 Is Warbirds a thing?

05:50 Coreolis Combine Larp

06:30 Living Brains

06:50 Mysterious black clad men

07:30 Ah... Horror theme

08:30 Eoin is an evil Werewolf

10:00 If you see Eoin in the werewolf game.... get him.

10:45 Betrayal on the high seas (Yarrr!)

11:35 Fate Accelerated Tangent

12:50 Brians internal auto correct gives up

14:00 Broken Brujah Tangent

14:45 Liam speaks Spanish... or possibly French

17:10 Pro Wrestling Entertainment Circuit Larp

19:16 Warbirds of Thena -the Metal band

21:05 Brian holds a picture of the board games locker up to the microphone

21:50 Extended Wargame tangent

22:40 GW Tangent within the Wargame tangent

27:02 </tangent>

27:17 Wild speculation about CCG's

28:55 Wild speculation about Special events

29:25 The party just discusses where they're going to eat