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Jan 27, 2021

The Adventuring Party - Episode 629

This week's hosts: Savage Mick and Hida ‘Eoin’ O-win

Editor - Scarr

This week, The Party take a quick trip to visit the infamous Shadow Clock Tower. Will they return? Probably not, by the looks of this Deadly Encounter.

Show notes:

01:14: We remain as on-brand as ever.

01:49: The ‘Total Party Kill’, when there’s not even a rogue on 3hp able to drag the corpses of their fellows to a friendly cleric, or stagger into a nearby tavern to find a conveniently levelled group of new heroes.

02:01: Not a scottish broadsword, though it has roughly the same effect if you get too close to one in action.

02:31: The original separate books are long out of print, so the best way to pick this one up would be the collected edition. There is also a Savage Worlds version in the works, probably not out for another year though.

04:59: Names I expect to see again, if we do more entries in this series.

07:12: And that’s why Bounded Accuracy happened (8 years later).

07:27: That’s +7 for level, probably +5 for Strength or Dexterity, maybe a +2 weapon, and the usual +1 or 2 from some random spell or feat. That’s the other reason Bounded Accuracy happened.

09:16: Convenient Map for Reference

11:35: And that’s why you can only concentrate on 1 major buff spell in 5th Editon.

15:11: Well, they thought they were fighting two already, what with that demon flapping around.

18:03: Challenge Rating Math in the 3.5 days was kinda shaky (which hasn’t really changed), but IIRC 4 CR4 monsters would have been about as much a threat together as the Golem. If the party is fighting all the monsters at once, that would be an EL 12 encounter, 5 above their expected level and definitely in the ‘Deadly’ bracket.

22:51: Scythes - The Great Destroyer

27:19: Oh. Well, ignore that link I gave above then, it’s off to eBay for you if you want the true player-crushing experience.

31:33: Hey now, there’s a convenient patch of hay that the PCs could Assassin’s Creed into to get to the bottom quickly....Although it might be underneath a bell...

32:30: I did like all the nonsense alchemical items you had available in 3rd Ed, and it kills me they haven’t put any of the funky ones into 5th Ed. Bring back Tanglefoot Bags!

33:41: Eoin’s solution – Play a broken class.

35:35: To the broken, mourning survivors go the spoils.

37:14: Gotta do something to entertain yourself when growing up in Roscommon.

37:46: See the links below for all the ways you can get in touch with us, and tell us what official vetted material destroyed your dream of a 3-year campaign from 1 to 20.

38:21: Mr. Pett worked on PF1 material for at least 4 years after this. Before that, he was also the original author of ‘The Styes’, which is now the final adventure in Ghosts of Saltmarsh for 5e. So if all those sea monsters proved the undoing of your Saltmarsh veterans, you know he went on to kill again.


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