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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 6, 2019

Dex, February 2019: Chase scenes in RPGs

This week's hosts: Sean, Savage and Eoin.

This week, the Party discusses how best to use the classic "chase scene" in an RPG - are they just fillers, or can they be used to truly enhance a session?

Show notes

0.35: Oh sweet Jesus, is it going to go on like this?

2.39: Mick is objectively wrong about Temple of Doom, it's awful. If you disagree, you are also wrong.

4.34: Several minutes of discussion on how various rule sets handle chases

14.13: Quote of the Episode - "Nobody wants to see the slowest chase in the world; just watch The Last Jedi"

14:34: The elements that a good chase scene need to have

18.33: Weeoo weeoo! You are being chased by the police! For all those crimes that you did!

21.40: How do you establish if someone has escaped a chase?

25.52: A discussion of marathon chases over long distances / times

29.58: What happens if your players catch up with someone when they weren't meant to?