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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 4, 2009

Downtime: With limited knowledge of historical wargaming, Shane, Liam, humbug and Oisín embark upon a rambling but ultimately productive discussion of using historical, quasi-historical and half-quasi-historical time periods in role-playing games. Features:

twelve and a half years ago

Nothing spreads terror amongst your enemy faster than a damned spiffy uniform.

Not sure on the Wraith thing Cian. Maybe i\'m just biased but i always considered the setting/timeline books for WOD as more of an expansion rather than a full setting. Is is along a similar vein to Werewolf: The Wild West where it does a type of prequel thing or is it stand alone?

twelve and a half years ago

Point of information! You play a civil servant in Dark Heresy.

This is only a misleading title for *some* of the character classes.

over twelve years ago

Seems Biggles can save your life:

twelve and a half years ago

World War 1 game; Wraith: The Great War

twelve and a half years ago

Uniforms by Hugo Boss