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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 10, 2014

This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, Icecream, Humbug

In any industry, the line between mainstream and indie gets pretty blurred. In an industry as small as RPGs, that line can be totally invisible. This week, we discuss what makes an indie RPG and what makes a “studio” RPG. If that topic doesn't excite you, there are also gunshots and an explosion. Seriously.

Show notes:

  • 1.24: Well, Liam's answered the question! We can all go home now.
  • 3.38: Well, Humbug's answered the question! We can all go home now.
  • 4.25: My God, our choice of musicians to discuss really pins an age on us.
  • 5.11: And we shall call this the Humbug Page Count Theory. I love it.
  • 6.09: And we shall call this the Humbug Campaign Theory. I tolerate it.
  • 6.39: “I'm Detective Morrisson, Stop Bad Mutants Division” “That's a very... accurate name”
  • 6.50: Interesting thing about Becoming Heroes – I looked up the company who made it, Transeptune, and they have three separate RPGs available with a few more in the work. This is what we were talking about earlier; even small RPG producers who do things in their spare time can have a stable of titles.
  • 23.48: Uh oh, I've had some ideas. That usually spells disaster.
  • 25.52: Quote of the Episode:

“But surely, Baron, you're mistaken; the moon wasn't invented until 10 years AFTER the events you've described!”

“It wasn't Earth's moon, it was Mars' moon, which of course then was in orbit above the Earth”

“Oh, my apologies”

  • 31.11: Well, Icecream's answered the question! We can all go home now.


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