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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 24, 2015

As we promised, the Adventuring Party this week embarks on the first step of any good adventure - character creation. Our listener's voted for us to play the Masks of Nyarlathotep adventuring module, and so we begin.

  • 2.13: SPOILER: We will not.
  • 4.06: The 1920s! The Age when Man rode Beasts to hunt the savage Dinosaur!
  • 6.58: Oh ho! Humbug shows his true stripes! Not five minutes after calling for a harsher GM, he turns his soft belly to the sky and begs for “wiggle” on stat rolls! For shame, sir, for shame.
  • 8.40: Hope you guys like dice rolling.
  • 11.35: Which rather assumes that people are less attractive in their 40s. I know plenty of people who disprove that.
  • 21.39: I take it all back! Humbug is a fine and upstanding gamer, the cream of a more civilised crop.
  • 23.48: There's a “Very Flexible” skill? Are we SURE this isn't F.A.T.A.L?
  • 34.50: “Ladies” count: 1
  • 39.13: Quote of the Episode: “You're really trying to kill off that wife of mine, aren't you?” “I'm not trying to kill off your wife, the DICE are killing your wife!”