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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Dec 1, 2009

Exp: With the holiday season finally unarguably upon us maybe people will stop looking oddly at Shane for wearing a Santa hat and even Mean Old Mr. Humbug has found some Christmas spirit, because they with Liam and guest expert Stu are reviewing Perudo (Dice of the Andes) as part of the Game Cryer Holiday Gift Guide project. You should buy this now. NOW! Features:

  • Game Cryer Holiday Gift Guide
  • Perudo
  • Oh No, Not More Pirates
  • Dank Peruvian Mexican Prison Cell
  • Little sock of a game
  • Ordinary human charisma
  • Other prisonly activities
  • Ignorant gamers
  • Non-structural drink colour change
  • Guesswork, bluff and luck
  • Some kind of statistics
  • Swearing
  • The Conflict
  • A rules example
  • The House Rule
  • What's hiding behind that moustache
  • The Advanced Rules
  • humbug's hip flask
  • The bell curve of godhood
  • Mojo loss

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