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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Free Things For Gamers - Overdue Shownotes

Feb 11, 2021

Show notes for our previous episode - :

00:50: [Morgan Freeman] It was not, in fact, January.[/Morgan Freeman]

01:15: We support local businesses!

01:49: FLGS means ‘Friendly Local Gaming Store’, but I think Liam might have meant ‘Friendly Gaming Local’, which makes sense in Ireland.

04:20: That’s what heroes do.

04:55: Gaelcon Online did have an Auction (Still waiting for my DMG, Lundberg), and I presume if the rumored Warpconline happens, it’ll try to have one.

06:04: Join our Discord server through the link below, and get in tough with Hida to make a deal!

06:30: A common Irish problem.

09:13: Guess you better post those links, Liam.

10:30: So....not really anything like Woodstock?

15:02: It’s only the biggest CCG in the world and the genesis point of the entire genre, so confusion is to be expected.

16:27: Like most things in Magic: The Gathering, this was a bug they pretended was a feature for years, having ‘Sealed Deck’ drafts where you combine the random Tournament Pack starters with 2 boosters to make a deck. It seems regular 3-booster drafts have completely eclipsed these, however.

19:03: I think Eoin means Arena, or possibly the older, less flashy, PC only version, MTG Online.

19:13: Tabletop Simulator.


25:25: I’ll explain my bloodfeud with pre-Traveller Mongoose Publishing another time.

26:20: Kevin Crawford, aka CardinalXimenes, publishes his material under the imprint of Sine Nomine Publishing.

27:08: Pathfinder SRDs, in 1st Ed and 2nd Ed flavours.



30:45: First Edition, Second Edition, and Third Edition: Exalted Combat never got better, the nonsense just mutated.


32:03: They have indeed been upgraded to ‘SWADE’.



33:05: We did indeed have an episode on Solo Gaming -

33:24: , not free but a pretty reasonable price if the shipping isn’t too bad.

33:50: As provided by the wonderful Jenny Nicholson.

34:39: Seems to be the best index of how to access this mountain of 3.0/3.5 material.

35:33: Like most gaming stories of old, there's a more reasonable version out there.

36:16: Skerples, his free material, and links to his paid products can be found at

36:39 Lady Blackbird. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how listener Charlie of Who Dares Rolls pointed out that LB slightly predates Apocalypse World, marking it as a true pioneer in the modern Indie Tabletop scene.

37:46: As of time of writing, the offerings include the Atomic Robo RPG based on FATE, 2 bundles for the AGE System, and a bundle from Palladium of all people, should you want some classic 80s jank.


46:49: I don’t know how to translate that from the Roscommonese, folks, so it will have to remain an mystery.



50:47: Thankfully, this time it was me.