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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 7, 2018

This week's hosts: Mary, Seán, Oisin and Ian

Join us in celebrating 9 years of The Adventuring Party by taking part in our annual pub quiz! Fabulous €50 prize at your local FGL.

Answers to or on the back of a (presumably very large) postcard.

Closing date 8th of March @ 23:59 GMT.

Round the party:
Which number quiz is this?

I refute the claims that I remember last week!
Round Cathal:
1. What D&D monster was the "villain" of Stranger Things Season 2?
2. Name any three of the player characters from Critical Roles new campaign season.
3. At the end of our Trains episode which party member made the train sound?
4. During our combat simulation episode what game did Liam "commit" to running for the party?
5. What party member was "subjected" to Brians treasure hunt in this year's Christmas episode?
6. What kind of hangover led to our Witcher Larp episode being delayed by a day according to our delay note?
7. Speaking of the Witcher, what is the name of Geralt of Rivas adopted daughter?
8. According to our YuGiOh show notes what's the CCG and war game motto?
9. Instead of Betrayal at House on the Hill, this year a boardgame was released with the betrayal located somewhere else, but where?
10. Who is the protagonist of "The Last Days of Magic" storyline in the marvel universe?

Round Oisín
1. The Irish navy and Irish ferries both have a ship with the same name. What is that name.
Quote of the episode has to go to Mary for that good ship lollipop answer
2. What was the name of the only games convention hosted in National College of Ireland?
3. What location is known in the crusader kings two community as "newbie Island"?
4. What two board games based on the works of Tom Clancy can be combined to form a single game to simulate the third World War?
5. What is the name of YouTube personality who runs the history, swords, tanks, wargaming, role-playing and dancing channel "Lindybeige"?
6. What country's flag is the opposite of the flag of Ireland?
7. What is to Ireland as "Bundesrepublik Deutschland" is to Germany?
8. How many axes of symmetry does the UK flag have?

Round Ian:
1. In Terry Pratchetts Discworld, what does reflect sounds of underground spirits mean?
2. In the book The Other Whisper, what was the name of Eoin Murphys doctor?
3. In Leigh Bardugo Grisha trilogy, what do they discover is the third amplifier?
4. In the book Winny the Poh, who comes to the forest in chapter 7?
5. In which episode of the adventuring party did Ian first appear?
6. Name the filk song in which Ian sung as an Igor?
7. In the Doctor Who RPG, what can cause you to lose all your story points and (possibly) for your party to lose half theirs?
8. Sean is a Hufflepuff, Oisin is a Gryffindor, Mary is a Slytherin, What house is Ian?

Round Mary:
1. What is the 2nd game from the publisher of Gloomhaven?
2. What was the first expansion for the Lords of Waterdeep game?
3. Executive producer/dog Satsu is named after a character from what game?
4. What is the new Hasbro CCG IP?
5. Name 4 of the monsters from the base game of King of Tokyo
6. What is noteworthy about P R Reid, one of the designers from Escape from Colditz?
7. In Robin Hobb Realm of the Elderlings, what else is the ship Paragon known as?
8. See round party question which is now in round Mary.

Round Sean:
1. What is the name of the next D&D book due to be published?
2. How many editions of Pairs is there?
3. In Anne Lechs Imperial Wrath series, what is the function of the Justice class of ship?
4. In Zeta Gundam, give 3 names the pilot has used for Hyaku Shiki.
5. In Yu-gi-oh!, what 5 card types can be in your extra deck?
6. In mario Oddessey, who is the mayor of New Dog City?
7. Who most recently played George Smiley and in what movie (actor and movie)?
8. In the Marvel movies and comics, what is the name of Valkyries sword?
9. Who rules over Sigil, the City of Doors?
10. Commander Shadowsun and Commander Farsight were both students of who?