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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 8, 2020

The Adventuring Party - Episode 599

This week's hosts: Eoin, Savage, Shane and....Shane?

This week, the Party add up the finances of gaming in a group. Who Pays...And Who Plays?

Show notes:


02:30: Finally, the Shorter Episode everyone was asking for.

03:40: The Society of College Layabouts Getting Everything Handed To Them: A Model for the Future?

04:20: The GM must love spending money and cutting chunks of their heart out, or why would they do this?

07:45: Chipping in for the Accessories.

10:05: See our two previous episodes on Virtual Tabletops:

12:00: You can pay for someone’s books but paying for their internet is a completely different matter.

16:10: D&D for free:

16:45: FATE for free (Well, Pay What You Want):

17:25: As recently explained here:

20:59: I’m not certain whether Mick is referring to or to

23:33: A classic group kitty, or piggy, or some other animal-themed investment scheme (I’m fond of the Ulster Bank Hippo of yore).

25:27: I hear you can get 3.7 Keens for 1 Exposure if you play the markets right.

28:11: The phenomenon of the Legacy Boardgame: Still usable after finishing the plot?

32:34: THE CUUUBE!!!!

33:30: The true cost of all this is revealed.



36:17: Free Dominion:

36:22: Free OSR Nonsense:

37:35: Just you wait Mick, they’ll have us streaming Valorant and getting Mountain Dew promotions before you know it!


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