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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 27, 2014

This week, we reveal both the answers to, and winner of, our 5th Annual Adventuring Party Pub Quiz! If you missed the quiz, and want to give it a shot before getting all the answers, you can find it here.

Show notes:

  • 0.36: OH CAN I?
  • 1.15: Round Oisin
  • 9.07: Round Liam
  • 10.01: The question was vague. You didn't capitalise 'only war', or say whether anyone is watching or, uh... at any rate, I certainly wouldn't harm the child.
  • 13.26: Oh thank Christ that hum has gone away. I wanted to claw my ears off and add them to my collection. My collection of ears.
  • 15.15: Round Eoin
  • 21.22: There were SEVERAL MINUTES of the podcast I cut out here. You guys know what you did.
  • 21.50: How dare you slander me like that. I have never mentioned my rich, caramel baritone, and I am both dissappointed and offended that I have been accused of such behaviour. It is my smooth, caramel baritone that I frequently reference.
  • 22.05: Round Cian
  • 22.12: I appreciate the gesture, I really do
  • 24.54: That was horrifying. For the actual pronunciation, check here
  • 25.46: "Ladies" count - 1
  • 27.20: Round Humbug
  • 31.13: Round Stuart

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