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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 6, 2016

This week's hosts: Eoin, Liam, Ian, Cathal, Sean

This week, we discuss constructing combat encounters in RPGs.

 Show notes:

  • 00:35    Previous Podcast in question
  • 01:18    True! Tis actually the first line in its Wikipedia Entry
  • 08:11    Spin off 2, Spin off Harder, COMING SOON! (Maybe)
  • 08:59    5th ed DnD
  • 12:18    Sean doesn't like to let his players plan....
  • 12:54    Pathfinder
  • 13:07    Maths Magic
  • 14:23    Note the use of the word "necessarily"
  • 15:10    The Adventuring Party featuring music by "Ice Cream Van Man"
  • 15:24    Thanos "It was only a matter of time before she gained the upper hand. She possesses the power infinite. With such might, any dullard would eventually prove victorious"
  • 16:15    Gumshoe!!! First non DnD related game mentioned today!
  • 21:08    Mechwarrior RPG
  • 22:25    Paizo can be a little strict about its PFS!
  • 23:15    DND (4th Ed this time!)
  • 26:14    "One week I wasn't there and they ended up being attacked by a giant monster which they evetually managed to make blind and depressed... so it wandered off"
  • 27:03    I'm pretty sure there was a ghost in the background at this point, but I killed it with editing, so don't worry fair listeners, for it shall be only I the mighty Ed Itor who suffers any curse from hearing these ghastly whispers!
  • 27:57    I'm sure we can also expect an episode on "Real life things not to do if you don't want your GM to kill your character"
  • 29:52   Shadowrun
  • 32:13    The pain Eoin expresses at the loss of his NPCs here is truly heartfelt, you should have seen the hand wringing.
  • 33:55    Ah, Sean clearly follows the Zap Brannigan school of battle planning...
  • 34:52   Cortex Plus
  • 37:05    The TLDR section of the podcast, or should that be TLDL?
  • 37:47    Ah communication... Future episodes will just start with pointing out the necessity of this and then promptly end.