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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 19, 2018

This week's hosts: Mary, and Shiv, with special guests Shane
This week, the party talk about good characters turning bad.

00:33 - Un invitado especial.
00:47 - The eternal struggle.
00:15 - The "Are we the baddies?" question.
01:51 - Organically manifesting evil in session one.
02:31 - Slippery slope.
03:10 - As with everything, communicating with your players solves most problems.
05:30 - Evil by choice, or by thoughtless convenience?
06:40 - Are you compellingly evil? Or just a bit rude?
09:58 - My half-orc is here trying their best to do the right thing.
11:30 - We're still workshopping it.
12:39 - I think I can hear someone calling the city watch outside.
13:40 - Shiv's games get dark.
20:56 - What if somebody flips to the light on your edgy evil party?
25:40 - Maybe reach out and find out why your player is doing that evil thing.
28:51 - Maybe the player was a Paladin who'd sworn vengeance against price gougers?