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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 26, 2017

This week's hosts: Liam, Oisin and Ian

This week the party give their introductory class to Larping and how to get into it in Ireland.

Show Notes:

  • 00:55 "Where to get your fix"!!! As the party have not yet at this point explained what larping is, it is worth noting that it is NOT an illicit drug nor anything like one (it is simply an activity that may cause possible health and financial issues..... actually come to think of it....)
  • 01:12 Level 1: Lite-Larping - Non-Contact/Theatre Larp - Structured format with Assigned Roles (Werewolf/Mafia/Murder in the Dark/Secret Hitler)
    • 01:25 Werewolf @ The Clockwork Door in Dublin, as of the time of writing this they appear to Run a game of Werewolf every Saturday from 4pm, check out their webpage for more info  
    • 02:05 Secret Hitler Review  
    • 03:24 Battlestar Gallactica game  
    • 05:48 Gamer Shame, it does still exist but its not as bad it used to be!
    • 05:55 "No my friend, actually during the week I pin down my ears and pretend to be Human"
  • 07:12 Level 2: Con-Larping - Non-Contact/Theatre Larp - Freeform format with Assigned or Created Roles
  • 17:49 Level 3: Deep-Larping - Contact/Field Larp - Freeform with Created Roles
    • 18:33 Children of the Free  
    • 18:35 Academy of Eblana  
    • 18:50 Practical considerations for weekend larps, dress warm, keep cool, bring food, be happy to pee anywhere.....
    • 31:25 Yeah yeah guys, I show-notes'es'ed it like 10 minutes ago (IGO larp is children of the free apparently)
    • 31:50 After practical considerations, we have kit & costume considerations
    • 34:57 Thanks to Oisin we have included some links to sellers of Larp Gear below the timestamped shownotes.

Finally remember there are actually no "levels of Larping", the editor just really likes to organise stuff needlessly!


Larp Gear Links: - Popular UK based site especially good for weapons - Popular German site especially good for soft kit - UK site for amazing, if expensive armour - US site for butchers' style mail - UK based aluminium and neoprene mail vendor