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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 14, 2009

NPC Exp: Extra-special guest hero stars Dizzy and Tom join us to talk about complicated map-board wargames World In Flames and Strike Them a Blow they've been playing so we don't have to.

  • Laid hands on.
  • Putting this thing out.
  • Look at that thing!
  • Knobbly bits.
  • Looks an awful lot like a submarine.
  • This is a tool.
  • Unfolding the Asian.
  • Covering the hole.
  • Navel combat.
  • Tom was invading me.
  • Came in a box.
  • In a bag for a tenner.
  • Flank presents itself.
  • Retreat to the rear.
  • Debatable what the rear is.
  • A bit fiddly.
  • Felt quick.
  • On the folds it's quite hard.
  • They're nice and big.