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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 19, 2009

NPC Exp: The return of Tom and Dizzy, our obscure board game contractors. This time around they're talking about Napoleon's Triumph (not Bonaparte's Triumph as Shane mistakenly says in the intro) and Star Warriors from the good old days. Apologies for all the snuffling and coughing, two of the four panelists were ill.

  • Stretches out the edges a little bit.
  • The polygons are quite large.
  • You want to get around behind somebody.
  • Wrestling for position.
  • It's going to be messy.
  • Mounted on hard board.
  • He kept coming at my flank.
  • Put them in the cockpit.
  • It was a bit too long.
  • It fits in lovely.

over fifteen years ago

Great show this week. I\'m sorry to have missed recording, sounded like a blast