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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Apr 8, 2014

Do you hear that? That glorious sound? That's the sound of the The Crush approaching an end. The mad rush of Irish gaming conventions is drawing to a close once again with Vaticon in UCD, and the Adventuring Party is here to give you our wild, unwelcome opinions on it.

Vaticon link


  • 1.02: Who are these lazy Cons that aren't running Friday nights, that's what I want to know! Frankly, you disgust me. Stalin would never have put up with that, let me tell you.
  • 2.11: Ork vs. Ork is irrelevant. It's Orks vs. EVERYONE, and always will be.
  • 3.41: Is it too early for a Quote of the Episode? Nah! “Disco Marines. I think someone needs to take a LONG, HARD Inquisitorial look at that Chapter”
  • 4.36: “Who knows?” Huh! Huh! Niiiiice.
  • 4.57: There is a real world myth about that! 
  • 6.55: Not even a giggle. I'm wasted on you proles.
  • 10.14: “Ladies” count: 2
  • 14.15: After a bit of Googling, I've determined that Rippers wasn't even close to being the first Savage Worlds setting
  • 27.05: I don't like the way this is going
  • 30.58: I can never remember the name of that bloody game either
  • 38.22: 13 seconds. Good work, that man.

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