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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 10, 2019

Episode 548

This week's hosts: Shiv, Oisin and Shane

The week the party discuss the various flavours of downtime we use in tabletop and live action roleplaying games. Do you plot like Svengali or chill with your extended family? Should you do your homework or just wing it when the GM asks you what you did during your holidays? All this and more discussed live and in real time by THE ADVENTURING PARTY!  

Show notes:
Yo' Boy Savage on editing and note-taking duties this week! Let's dive in:

Games mentioned this episode...
Pendragon -

Blades in the Dark -


03:00 - Send even angrier emails to Like the best news anchors and presidents, we will say anything we read in an email. True fact!

04:30 - Now that we've outlined both types of downtime it's time for Downtown!

07:00 - Shane "Air Quotes" Carr is a podcasting "Professional"

13:00 - If you have numbers in your LARP you need to turn it upside down and shake them out.

14:00 - This is a variation on the French notion of 'Staircase Wit'

21:00 - It's useful here to think about game framing. Stray outside the frame of the game at your peril.

26:30 - Some games tackle downtime systems better than others. Steal from them!

38:00 - One potential upside of downtime is that it's a good way to avoid the 'shopping session'. If I wanted storefronts in my fighting game I'd roleplay a Black Friday scenario. 

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