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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 17, 2019

Episode 549

This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin, and Shane

This week the party discuss new additions to two established games - Keyforge and Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. How well did the next great innovation in collectible card games do with the addition of a new set? Will the new material for adventuring in the Old World live up to the legacy of a beloved RPG? Listen in to find out!  

Show notes:

01:00 - Keyforge - Age of Ascension  The new(ish) addition to everyone's favourite not-collectible (but is if you squint) card game. Can we call these nCCG's? Will there ever be another one? Did you buy it? Is Richard Garfield a hack fraud? Did you play Card-Hunter? He did that too. Worth a look. Fun game. Anyways....

For a bit of fun stick your nickname into the Keyforge Compendium and see if there are any decks with your handle. Savage fun.

22:30 - Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play - Rough Nights & Hard Nights -

A hard bitin', hard fightin' collection of short adventures that serve as an introduction to the Old World of Warhammer. You can use these to ramp up to the revised WFRP campaign of legend; The Enemy Within (Coming later this year, probably August) or as a drop into your own games set in a world beset by Chaos and madness.

WFRP or WHFRP? Wars have been fought over less.

30:00 - If this isn't out by August it's because Eoin is still fixing it. The hero we deserve.

33:00 - Pub Games! Because downtime doesn't always have to be shopping and casual murder. Dwile flonking -

36:45 - It's a great cover

38:15 - Good point Shane. A good grab-bag of scenarios should do some showcasing work. Any of you think of other good examples? Drop us a line.

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