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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 2, 2019

Episode 560

This week's hosts: Conrad Kinch, Shane and Savage

This week the party roll out the felt, lay out the terrain and break out the models to review Rangers of Shadow Deep by Joseph A. McCullough. We are joined by special guest Conrad Kinch, a writer, gamer and pipe fancier familiar to many in the Irish gaming community. Pull up a comfortable chair, grab a drink and join us as we share our thoughts on this game of grim adventure and rain-soaked mystery.

Show Notes:

Beasts of War

Osprey Publishing

Lone Wolf adventures

Example of play - Guerrilla Miniature Games

Facebook group

Heroquest! The best thing about Heroquest... (Don't look at the Ebay prices...)

Where to buy:


Northstar miniatures range - Free shipping on orders over €15 anywhere in Ireland
(Not a sponsor)


A 6" square funeral pyre. An extravagance!

Conrad Kinch on the web

Have you played Rangers of Shadow Deep? If so did you like it and what sort of stuff are you building/painting for your game?

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