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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 1, 2019

This week's hosts: Oisin and Mary
Guests: Gwen, Siskey and Barko

This week the party are delighted to be joined by the founders of a new Live Combat Roleplaying Game - Five Oaths. The game and setting will focus on a mercenary band fighting for warring clans and treacherous nobles.

The myths and culture of medieval Ireland are a heavy influence in this exciting new setting. Find out more at

Show Notes:

The Five Oaths World

In Five Oaths, players will portray the gallóglaigh, an elite mercenary band who take an oath of service to the Réig, the ultimate ruler of the Five Realms of Tirneach, a fantasy land based in part on medieval Ireland. The gallóglaigh take Five Oaths when they begin their service, which bind them together as one.

Warriors, bards, priests, mages, judges. The gallóglaigh range wherever there is work for their band, all across the Five Realms. They are most often employed by the petty nobility – the Riders – to solve disputes or start new ones. If a band gains enough fame they will be sought out by the Iarlas, who are second only to the Réig themselves, to perform some dangerous and critical task.

Those who join the gallóglaigh do so for any number of reasons. Many heroes of legend were gallóglaigh, but virtually all of the nobility served in the gallóglaigh for a time and the links between the upper echelons of society and the gallóglaigh are plain to see. Your character may be in it for the money, or they may wish to one day take their place in the annals of history.

Combat LRP's

In Combat LRP (Live action Roleplay), also called Rubbersword LRP, you create a character with their own personality and history and act as them in a world created and run by the Event Team. “Ongoing” means that you taking part in a world that will persist from event to event. The Event Team will create plots and encounters for the players to experience at events, and react to what the players do to tell a story (which we hope you will enjoy)!

LRP differs from tabletop and other role-playing games in that you actually costume to represent your character, and act out their actions, and portray them, in a manner that can be compared to improv theatre.

Combat LRP differs again from other forms of live action roleplaying in that while there are some combat stats, you actually engage in combat with other people (in a safe manner with latex weapons!) and hit them with LRP safe weapons, as opposed to simply narrating your actions, or rolling dice.

Setting details, game rules and booking information can be found at