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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Aug 19, 2020

Episode 605

This week's hosts:  HidaOwin (Eoin), Scarr (Shane), and Savage (Mick). Special Guests - Mr. E (Colin)

Editor - SavageMick

This week the party gets down to planning some goals for a game. Player goals, character goals, group goals and GM goals - Everybody wants something but who will get what they came for and how?

Check out Super Special Friend of the Party, Jason over on the Nerd’s RPG Variety Cast []

Thank you for coming home
Sorry that the chairs are all worn
I left them here I could have sworn
These are my salad days
Slowly being eaten away
Just another play for today
Oh, but I'm proud of you, but I'm proud of you
Nothing left to make me feel small
Luck has left me standing so tall
Goals! (gold)
Always believe in your soul
You've got the power to know
You're indestructible
Always believe in, that you are
Goals! (gold)
Glad that you're bound to return
There's something I could have learned
You're indestructible (always believe in)
After the rush has gone
I hope you find a little more time
Remember we were partners in crime
It's only two years ago
The man with the suit and the face
You knew that he was there on the case
Now he's in love with…

{This joke seemed way better about 10 minutes ago. Stick on some Spandau Ballet and dance around your bedroom - Savage}


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