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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 23, 2019

Episode 563

This week's hosts: Shane, Mary and Eoin. Special Guest: Gavin Walsh

This week the party considers the care and attention required when handling a setting and its lore. What changes can be made and how much can be altered before it doesn't feel like the place your players might be familiar with? What sort of change is acceptable and what feels like dropping a space marine into a hobbit hole. Let's find out!

Show Notes:

00:45 - Cousin Oliver. I have no idea... Write in and let us know.

01:40 - When is Faerun not Faerun?!

02:30 - Usually we would tell you to talk to your players but really we want to start some fights.

04:00 - And now to the meat of this episode. GMs who couch their home-brew campaigns in an established setting. Discuss.

06:25 - This is my boomstick!

07:15 - Players refusing weapons and other unlikely happenings. We are way out in the weeds this week!

08:55 - The Ooook! Story

09:20 - If you have ever GM'd a con scenario that was handed to you 15 minutes before it started, take a drink now.

10:10 - And then Gavin started a cult.

14:30 - The mystery of the fetish homunculus.

16:30 - Using Apocrypha as a way to massage the disconnect between what a player might know and a GM might change.

17:45 - Conspiracy X but I know what will happen and I'm immune to bullets. Let me get back to you on that... NO!

18:00 - Sure it will work! I saw it in a movie!

19:05 - We are open to anything*

19:20 - Game settings vs. the game you are running.

21:50 - The collective term for Prometheans is a Table.

23:10 - Message as campaign.

24:20 - This sounds dangerously like talking to your GM. We'll get to that.

26:00 - Player requested mechanical additions. DANGER!

26:40 - I'm on a boat!

26:50 - Nice save Mary

27:55 - Good old Session Zero, where dumb stuff is nipped in the bud.

28:50 - The Great Question.

29:40 - Advice on the care and upkeep of GM's.

32:30 - Dropping chunks of settings out of an airlock.

33:35 - Game balance. If you break it you pay for it.

34:45 - Gavin's cult gets usurped by Mary

35:55 - It's okay not to be an amazing GM. That should probably be repeated. They are not Hollywood so stop throwing popcorn.

36:55 - Shane, I wouldn't have to take the druids out if they didn't turn into T-Rex at the first opportunity.

37:45 - A little reflection is good for your game and probably your players' sanity.

38:30 - Shane dropping truth bombs. Take cover nerds!

39:25 - It is after all a shared hallucination. Shape it together.

40:00 - Shane comes around for another pass to get the survivors.

41:20 - Gavin lays out the notion of Commandments. Watch this guy...

42:00 - If all else might change at least know what principles guide your game.

42:45 - Why the hell doesn't WotC curate the spell lists for their settings!?!? [Swears here.]

43:45 - THAT conversation. Compromise and hard passes.

- SavageMick

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