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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 14, 2018

This week's hosts: Ian, Cathal, Oisín
This week, the party provide answers to the 9th annual pub quiz!

Adventurers wanted! Come join the party for weekly adventures discussing gaming and the Irish gaming scene. Reach out to use if you have an interest in podcasting and would like to join us on a regular (or irregular) basis. Recording sessions are typically twice monthly in Dublin. 

00:26 - Falling at the first hurdle.
01:00 - Straight into it!
01:04 - Round Cathal
03:43 - As the editor of the episode I feel the workload is a bit more even than Cathal suggests.
06:24 - Round Oisin, seamlessly.
08:01 - Spoiler. Ian's round was mostly about Ian.
11:25 - Round Ian.
13:25 - Cathal knows Ian's history better than Ian does.
13:56 - - I'd never heard of Filk and thought Ian had a weird way of pronouncing Folk.
14:57 - Fun Fact, we only knew Ian's, Oisín's, and Mary's. Seán did the test at the table before the quiz and rounded out the group.
15:48 - Has anybody else been getting an Uncanny Valley feeling throughout the episode? Just me?
16:12 - Round Mary.
22:00 - Round Seán. Best Round.
22:20 - Rude!