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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jul 31, 2019

Episode 551

This week's hosts: Liam, Eoin and Shane

This week the party continue to lay out the tools of the trade for the hardened game-breaker. If you have to crack open a game system and feast upon the marrow of numbers within what will you use? Time travel? The power of flight? Mind Bullets?! Pull on the protective gloves and goggles and grab a crow bar as we continue wrecking games!  

Show notes:

00:10 - Time Travel!

04:10 - Wish - Limited time offer

06:40 - Flight of the Teleporter

10:00 - Bypassing the fun stuff

12:00 - Flight of fancy (also some scrying)

17:00 - Contract Negotiation

19:00 - One step ahead of the errata

19:00 - DENIED!!!

21:40 - Bypass armour and hit them in the soft, sweet dump stats

24:30 - Paying the piper

26:00 - The internet is for... Optimisation!

27:00 - Basically all of World of Darkness 1st Ed. is a knife-fight in a phonebooth with a bunch of invisible speedsters

28:40 - Who watches the watchmen?

30:00 - Be sure to cap what you can't outright ban

33:00 - Where to turn for help?

34:00 - Pun-Pun

If you've run into any game-breaking mechanics and would like to share your thoughts send an email to The only thing we like more than strongly held opinons is VOLUME! 

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