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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 18, 2020

Episode 583

This week's hosts: Shane & Savage

This week the whole world is celebrating St. Patrick's Day, an international holiday dedicated to small-town industry and political muck-flinging that somehow captured the global imagination. The party are safely locked away from any strong drink until they examine the importance of being Irish in roleplaying games and give a few suggestions as to how to depict the luckiest sods on Earth at the table. Mighty Craic!

Things that got mentioned in this episode:

Tuatha Dé Danann -
Fomorians -
B.A.D.D. not M.A.D. -
Banshee -
Selkie -
A few more Irish cryptids here -
My personal favourite is the Dobhar-Chú
Pagan Shore for Pendragon -
Hârn campaign setting -
The Fianna -
Not to be confused with the Fianna -
Anything that can and has been said about the IRA and its place in Irish history will attract someone with an axe to grind. Here's the wiki entry, make up your own mind -
Shadowrun Tír na nÓg -
Here's the thread where we found some of the best and worst depictions of Ireland in RPG's -
Mutant Chronicles RPG -
Brehon Law was the legal system I couldn't recall the name of. Great inspiration for any GM looking to build some legal framework into their murderhobo world -
Gáe Bulg, the Belly Spear -

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