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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Mar 30, 2023

Episode 740

This week's hosts - HidaOWin, Dave, The Warlord Scarr & SavageMick

Editor - SavageMick

Pocket sand, a poke in the eye, the old bucket over the door. Cheap tricks have their place in any frat-house comedy and your roleplaying games, but how cheap is too cheap and what can you do to keeps things fresh or raise...

Mar 24, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 739

This week's hosts: Scarr, Dave and Liam

Editor – Shane

Dragonborn in your Westeros? Cyberpunks in your Cop Drama? The Party discuss how to deal with a mismatch between your setting and the misfits who are here to save it.


Want to actually shout at us?...

Mar 18, 2023

Episode 738

This week's hosts - The Warlord Scarr, HidaOWin, Dave & SavageMick

Editor - SavageMick

How much do you spend on your gaming hobbies? Are you ready to spend more? Step past the velvet rope and enter the exclusive domain of prestige gaming. Can you ever really spend too much on the things you...

Mar 9, 2023

The Adventuring Party - Episode 737

This week's hosts: Lootlord Scarr and Lutelord Savage

Editor – Shane

Treasure! Magic items of phenomenal magical power! Or maybe they’re booby prizes full of bubbles and delusions? Thankfully, the Dismal Duo are here to set the record straight, and also cut down that annoying...

Mar 2, 2023

Episode 736

This week's hosts - The Warlord Scarr & Dave

Editor - SavageMick

Welcome back! Time to close out our series on the Principia Apocrypha: Principles of OSR primer. Grab a copy and consider the possibilities along with our hosts!


We have a...