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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 6, 2015

This week's hosts: Liam, Graham and Icecream

This week on the Adventuring Party, we play and review a lovely, calming game called Tokaido, which is about being the absolute best tourist you can be. No honestly, it's really good!

  • 1.10: Tokaido 
  • 2.41: Kill the Buddha 
  • 2.43: Quote of the Episode: “Buddha's gotta have a lot of hitpoints”
  • 3.18: And here is the picture of the board in the shownotes!
  • 3.58: Picture of the two character cards I had to choose from:
  • 4.18: The coinage in question:
  • 7.27: Sorry, Gav.
  • 8.15: Tracking 
  • 10.05: They're called Torii 
  • 12.07: Cheevos!
  • 14.08: The starting positions:
  • 15.15: Manju IS a delicious baked good
  • 20.21:

Frogs croak in the pond

I chop off his head and arms

and steal all his cash

  • 27.16: The Samurai from the Murphy's commercial 
  • 33.04: We fairly obstinately refused to understand Liam's joke there. Soz, Liam.