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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 3, 2010

Cha: LIVE from Warpcon (all our podcasts are recorded live), Shane, Liam and humbug haul people from the timetable to the recording table and make them talk for your gratification.  Alessio Cavatore is the head behind Shuuro, the game that takes chess to new places, and the crew of Terrains4Games are making high-quality wargames scenery features in Cork.  Features:

  • All Games Considered
  • That chess game
  • Shuuro
  • Getting very into your set-pieces
  • Horsey on a plinth
  • Ramping up the pawns
  • Minds in wargames mode
  • Shuuro on the clock
  • Downfall through greed
  • Pawn phalanx
  • Knightmare Chess
  • The core engine
  • Shuuro on Facebook
  • Lots of ninjas
  • Terrains4Games
  • Joining hobbies and work
  • Non-secret production techniques!
  • No more forests
  • Planet of the blue trees

Due to a mistake uploading, this post initially linked to last week's episode.  This has been fixed!  Sorry.

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