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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jun 14, 2017

This week's hosts: Cathal, Sean & Mary

This week the party provide a "well informed" preview of the upcoming QCon convention (16-18 July Queens University Belfast), no wild speculation here!

Show Notes:

  • 01:06 QCon is on from the 16th to the 18th of June, Look at us giving useful information.
  • 02:05 Ah Nostalgia, it will NEVER be as good as it was, regardless of what "it" is.
  • 02:20 Do I now hold the record for the earliest "This party is over"?
  • 03:05 This is where we offer valuable Con advice on bucket requirements and realise we are all very, very poor.
  • 04:35 COSPLAY!!!
  • 05:10 I clearly know nothing about Cosplay, I didn't realise it was tied specifically to anime!
  • 05:15 ANIME (and other movies!)!!!
  • 06:48 Nobody will guess where I spent too many years in college....
  • 07:30 Get it, Mary is old.
  • 07:57 Totally a snob...
  • 09:02 TABLETOP GAMING!!! (Please note the blurbs and timetable are now available on the website)
  • 12:04 Mary is only on the party to fulfill our old person quota.
  • 13:26 Just as a heads up, Me and Mary only get giddier from here on in.
  • 14:30 CARD GAMES!!!
  • 15:41 Totally judging...
  • 17:29 You will never again hear such perfect unrehearsed comedic timing on this or any other podcast, just give up now.
  • 18:00 WARGAMES!!!
  • 19:30 How to keep kids off any and all dangerous drugs and/or hobbies.
  • 20:18 BOARDGAMES!!!
  • 22:11 Mary actually couldn't wait for one of our reliable listeners to provide the games name and found it herself, it is HECATOMB  
  • 22:42 VIDEO GAMES!!! (Console & PC)
  • 23:28 We move from wildly speculating about what games might be on when we don't have a list to wildly speculating about what games might be on and just ignoring the list.... that's progress folks.
  • 24:20 It is not Seann, but there was no need to call attenntionn to it.
  • 25:58 Pub Quiz
  • 27:38 That sound bite is going to come back to bite Mary in the ass during the trial...
  • 27:59 Q Comedy
  • 28:35 For our international listeners, forget your "begorahs" and "lucky charms", if you ever want to use a real Irish phrase then this is by far the most Irish thing ever said on this podcast.
  • 29:06 Pints against humanity
  • 29:19 Q Concert & Club QCon
  • 29:47 Artists Alley & Traders
  • 31:05 The Adventuring Party, providing alternative advice for the discerning gamer. Sure anyone can "get there early" but are YOU dedicated enough to just like bad games instead???
  • 31:19 Blaster Range
  • 31:28 The Nerf Mastodon
  • 31:53 Yet more Sean Promises for QCon
  • 32:02 Special Guests
  • 32:43  Quote of the episode "QCon is just full of things to see and do, like a rich Christmas hamper of games and anime and nerd culture"