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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Sep 22, 2016

This weeks Hosts: Mary, Ian and Sean


This week, the Junior members of the team run amok and talk about their introduction to boardgames.

    01:00 - Where we are totes professional in our opening... totes.
    01:50 - Where I put Mary on the Spot    
    02:05 - Mary caves to the pressure
    02:45 - We respect our listeners, no matter what their age!
    05:32 - Settlers of Catan... I'm still looking for wood for my sheep.
    08:40 - Beating up small children
    11:08 - We can spot our own...
    11:43 - Technically we're gonna get emails, not letters, but the sentiment stands
    13:09 - Gaming... a social thing with strangers
    16:00 - How gaming is totally not a cult... honest guv
    16:21 - Quote of the episode Sean: Mary, how would you go about it. Mary: Well it depends, do I have access to them as small children?
    17:15 - Boardgames and the fight against drugs
    18:15 - A year ago is apparently recently
    20:30 - Where Sean pretends he's old
    22:10 - Cards against humanity
    22:15 - The better, Irish version, Love 2 Hate
    23:25 - Mary speaks in tongues
    24:50 - I need to make sure Mary has to pay up on that bet
    25:41 - Weird voices are required for recruiting people to gaming
    26:47 - Mary likes playing zombies and eating people
    27:55 - Do not crush your friends beneath your boots
    28:30 - Apparently... We've heard it both ways!
    29:05 - Girls Get Gaming Table Top Tuesdays
    32:28 - I was going to create the website but then I realised how much work that would involve