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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Jan 22, 2020

Episode 575

This week's hosts: Eoin, Shane, Gavin & Donogh.

This week the party discusses the rise of Actual Play and streaming RPG sessions. Who plays well to the crowds and how has the trend changed the way we play?

Show Notes

- The Chain of Acheron (YouTube

- Blades in the Dark - Bloodletters (Youtube

- Oh Shoot! Donogh has AP content! Where do I find it!? YouTube (See link below)

- Critical Role (YouTube

- Adventure Zone - The McElroy Family (Youtube

The Party Recommends:

Gavin - Acquisitions Incorporated play Dark Sun (YouTube
Donogh - Pocket Sized Play (YouTube
Blades in the Dark - Bloodletters (YouTube)
Eoin - Monsterhearts (YouTube
Shane - One Shot Network (Youtube

Music from - "Chill Wave" by Kevin MacLeod (
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