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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

May 20, 2014

This week on the Adventuring Party, we discuss upcoming Dublin convention Hobocon, which is entering its third year... somewhat surprisingly, considering that it was begun as a one-off Convention, and they raffled off the Con Director position last year.

Hobocon website:


  • 0.36: In fairness, if you're going to nick subtitles, Die Hard is a good place to go
  • 1.05: Oh damn! Burn! We're on board the U.S.S. Smackdown and Humbug is the Captain!
  • 2.28: Our review of Cards Against Humanity
  • 3.01: You only have that if you're weak. Sleep is for the weak, GAMING IS FOR THE STRONG!
  • 3.36: Quote of the Episode: “It wasn't a Mass! It was just... people who like God, singing”
  • 4.25: Towel block?
  • 5.35: It's gotten very Fisher King up in here!
  • 6.45: What's all this talk of neutral speculation? What have you done with the real Humbug!?
  • 11.49: I actually went to the website for this one. It's “Ferro Igni Quacumque Vi”, which according to the Cosmic Owl means “With Fire and Force”. Which is a pretty badass name, in fairness.
  • 12.34: It's time to load your sack with doorknobs and go vigilante on some older Vamps.
  • 13.57: I can't believe Humbug said “you can get your teeth into that” while talking about a Vampire game and no one brought it up.
  • 15.15: This is like Kryptonite to Humbug... still, you know what they say.
  • 15.54: I've a terrible and beautiful idea. Every member of the Adventuring Party who is at Hobocon should play the My Little Pony game.
  • 18.57: Heh heh heh... butts.
  • 20.10: There speaks the voice of experience.
  • 27.34: I'm not 100% sure on it being “straight”. Force on Force is more susceptible to utterly random bullhonky than any other game I've played. Sometimes you can put a plan together, then roll a 1 and the game delivers cards saying “All your radios stop working, your ammo turns out to be jellybeans, your commanding officer gets killed by a badger, and all of your troop's pants fall down. Roll again.”
  • 27.40: Yeah! Back on track!
  • 32.31: Ah, so THAT'S what the bottom of the barrel looks like.
  • 33.03:  I lacked humility because I WAS AWESOME. We made them wait, then we made them lose.
  • 33.32: I sometimes like to leave presents after the credits. Not this week, of course. Nope.


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