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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 11, 2014

Everyone agrees that Warpcon was awesome, and we've got the discussion to prove it! Amidst fire and ruin, a great Con was run in the smouldering ashes of Cork*.

* - dramatisation, may not actually have occurred

Show notes and links:

  • 0.35: Don't worry boys, you've left it in safe hands. Heh. Heh heh heh. MUAH HA HA HAAAAA!
  • 1.00: I'm completely wrong about that, Humbug has done both a bunch of times
  • 1.43: Naturally, the first thing we discuss is the GREAT BLAZE OF UCC. 
  • 3.40: We finally get off the fire and onto the Con!
  • 5.40: “I'm drunk”, sure. But not “I'm stupid”
  • 7.08: What American General was so notorious for having prostitutes around his camp that his name became slang for them?
  • 9.30: This section is mostly incomprehensible. Apologies.
  • 9.49: A Few Acres of Snow
  • 11.10: Stay the hell away from my Future Daughter!
  • 11.35: Ivory Edition L5R
  • 17.57: These festivities are concluded!
  • 19.29: If you search for Pathfinder Society Ireland in Google, The Adventuring Party is the third link :)
  • 21.16: I'll leave it to your imagination what “Prrrrrp Time” is
  • 21.30: Food recommendation!
  • 21.59: Lies!
  • 22.07: Eldritch Horror
  • 23.25: Tzolk'in
  • 24.18: In fact, forget the Con
  • 26.20: My Chrono-Variance is starting to get out of hand.
  • 27.46: I felt my dreadful pun there was worthy of more attention. Now I'm going to cry and write about it on my Tumblr
  • 31.32: Rampage
  • 31.49: Jungle Speed - I got the name wrong during the episode
  • 34.11: Oisin had the Black Lung during this episode, this was the one time he wasn't able to hold it in. Stout man!


Oh God it just occurred to me that since I add the music and stuff after I finish doing the show notes that my times above are completely wrong and always have been oh god oh god


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