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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Feb 5, 2020

Episode 577

This week's hosts: Shane & Savage. Special Guest: Peter Honer

This week the party sits down with the newly minted Director of the Vaticon 2020 gaming convention, hosted by UCD in Dublin.

Vaticon has come through a crucible of sorts in the last week, at one point thought to be canceled before a groundswell of support from the Irish gaming community brought new life to a beloved college convention entering its twenty-sixth year.

Peter gives us the low-down on what to expect at the con in 2020 and discusses the obstacles facing smaller conventions in the current climate.

Vaticon 2020

Details for the con can be found on Facebook. Be sure to check back regularly for developments. 

5 Minute Explains

This week Liam has 5 minutes to explain '5 Minute Dungeon'

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