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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 29, 2014

This week's hosts: Icecream, Graham, Humbug, Shane and Eoin

This week is the Adventuring Party's 300th Episode! We have released an episode every Wednesday, without fail, for almost 6 years now. I'm proud to have been a part of this. Thanks for listening, everyone! Here's to another 300 episodes.

What special madness do we have cooked up for you this week, you ask? It's the Gaelcon 2014 review – recorded at Gaelcon itself!

Show notes:

  • 3.11: Starship Artemis. It should be noted that the guy who ran Starship Artemis all weekend brought such a huge degree of fun to the Con, improved so many people's weekends, and worked so hard that he was awarded the Spirit of Gaelcon. Well done, Robb!
  • 4.55: Quote of the Episode: “What next? Dogs and cats living together as man and wife?”
  • 8.46: Eoin's card, Hida O-Win. Eoin has appeared in at least one other gaming product, as (if memory serves) Battlin' Bob Burke, Mayor of Chicago. How many other games will he invade before his mad lust for power is sated? #StopEoinBeforeItsTooLate
  • 16.47: 44? 44!
  • 17.13: Andorians.
  • 18.52: None of those words were words.
  • 21.25: This guy's first LARP... for which he won the Best LARP Award from Gaelcon! So it only seems appropriate to name him here: Shane Carr.
  • 22.56: I prefer “aeroplaning” to “flying”. I “car” places frequently. I would have said “bicycle”, but people do actually say that they bicycle to places.
  • 24.51: Son of Quote of the Episode: “Leave now! *maching gun cocking*” “And take your Tommy Guns and satchel bombs with you!”
  • 25.24: It's interesting that “unwinnable” made Shane and Humbug happy, and myself and Graham were less enthused.
  • 26.53: Bride of the Son of Quote of the Episode: “Exterminatus Gunners don't have half a button!”
  • 35.03: Xia: Legends of a Drift System - it is, unfortunately, not a game about a universe where everything is settled through drift racing.
  • 36.54: About 1 in 20, I reckon
  • 37.17: Having been told we had NO TIME left, we really hurried along... and only blathered for another 15 mins.
  • 51.36: I am ENTIRELY WRONG there – they're like the Quarians from Mass Effect. Got my fictional species mixed up!

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