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Talking about Gaming the Irish Way!

Oct 11, 2017

This week's hosts: Cathal, Ian and Sean

This week as a follow on to our discussion about how gaming is portrayed in media the party discuss gaming that is the media. We look at Force Grey, The Adventure Zone and allow Cathal to talk for entirely too long about the gaming phenomenon that is Critical Role.

Show Notes:

  • 01:11 The episode in question
  • 02:03 Only 5, I have a friend, I swear......
  • 02:25 Sean as a lighthouse keeper sounds unbelievable only if you've never seen his beard
  • 02:39 Critical Role
  • 02:42 I only really said "I believe is quite popular" because that seems like a relative metric to me, but lets face it, it's popular (and for damn good reason).
  • 02:50 To throw some numbers around I think they sold approx 300 VIP seats for $200 each and about 1500 other seats, during Gencon, when there are numerous other things to tempt you away.
  • 03:20 Geek & Sundry, the Felicia Day founded nerd culture media company
  • 04:46 55 episodes of Podcast goodness released to date
  • 05:13 Force Grey
  • 06:30 Or just click this handy link! Victor the Black-Powder Merchant
  • 09:05 Twitch as previously mentioned by Sean is a streaming service which is predominantly used to watch people livestream video games, though there are more and more channels dedicated to live RPGs. Alpha is legendary digitals (they that bought Geek & Sundry out in 2014) own media station, which combines Nerdist and Geek & Sundry content.
  • 09:49 Critters can be found everywhere from social media to reddit!
  • 12:27 The Critical Role Sourcebook for 5th Ed D&D - Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, published by Green Ronin
  • 13:44 Vox Machina comic by Matthew Colville and Matt Mercer, published by Dark Horse
  • 14:26 Wizards of the Coast DnD twitch channel
  • 14:52 A selection of RPG media:
  • 16:13 Joe-Manganiello
  • 16:43 Seans voice goes up at the end here, so I'm not 100% sure if this is a question or statement...
  • 17:20 My numbers are really way off here, but I was mixing up live viewers and subs etc, in the latest episode (114) the numbers of live viewers on Twitch (not counting Alpha) peaked at over 38,000 and only reduced down to 35,000 after the "midway" break (about 3 hours into what turned out to be a 5.5 hour episode), this was however an admittedly big episode.
  • 18:25 The AdventureZone
  • 21:21 Gaelcon one of the largest gaming conventions in Ireland, on this year from
  • 21:40 The benefits of these shows for newcomers to gaming
  • 23:57 Sean explodes
  • 24:33 Quote of the episode "You're showing your ignorance here", Actually did Sean ask me to cut this out? Nah, probably not.
  • 28:01 CritRoleStats
  • 29:07 Our previous episode covering the Stream of Annihalation
  • 30:05 We were actually both right, Maze Arcana actually have multiple GMs/Quests going at the moment, hence my confusion!
  • 35:40 Oh, Sean DID ask me to cut that section out...


It is worth pointing out that (at the date of this podcast) Critical Role has hit 114 episodes and is VERY close to finishing the current campaign with the current party. If the idea of critical role appeals to you but the idea of trying to catch up on 114 episodes seems like too much then I would suggest you start following Geek & Sundry/Critical Role on social media (facebook, twitter, instagram etc) for announcements as they will (almost certainly) be starting a new campaign with a new cast of character some time in the coming weeks/months, so you could get in on the ground floor of the new party. - Cathal